Microsoft Edge browser gets shared workspaces for collaborating with teammates

Patrick Devaney


Microsoft has been building out the capabilities of the Edge browser for quite some time now and doesn’t look set to slow down any time soon. The latest move from the software giant seeks to build in bigger and better collaboration features so that teams can work together more easily on online projects. Let’s check it out.

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Microsoft has announced in a Microsoft Edge blog post that it is building a new feature called Workspaces into the browser that will improve collaboration between work colleagues by giving them a shared workspace for online teamwork.

Microsoft Edge browser gets shared workspaces for collaborating with teammates

The name of the new feature is interesting as it takes a shot at the Google Workspace suite of productivity apps that competes with Microsoft 365 and has the edge due to the improved collaboration features it can offer.

Workspaces, the new Microsoft Edge feature works as a set of shared browser tabs that everybody on the team can view at the same time. The idea is that it will save workers time from having to search for links or look through emails as everybody will be working together in the same place at the same time. Microsoft explains the feature like this:

“Using Edge Workspaces is simple—open important project links as browser tabs and share the Edge Workspace so everyone is working off the same set of websites and files. If you need to update anything, it’s as simple as closing and opening tabs. And it all happens in real-time in the workspace so everyone can easily see the whole picture.”

This is a very interesting move from Microsoft as it opens up a new frontline in the battle that is raging between Google Workspace and Microsoft 365. Remote and hybrid teams are used to working on the same document at the same time and discussing shared documents during meetings. Bringing shared online workspaces into the equation opens up a new form of integration that could more easily facilitate understanding and comprehension of online resources during meetings and projects.

In other Microsoft Edge news, the browser’s new sidebar is now available for all users.

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