Microsoft Edge will soon start assessing whether you are working or not

Patrick Devaney


One of the best things about modern web browsers is the ability to set up multiple profiles so that you can more easily segment your web experience and stay much more organized. One of the main ways people use this feature is to have a personal profile for home browsing and a work profile for whenever you are using the internet professionally. In this regard, Microsoft has announced an interesting update that is coming to its Edge browser.

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In the Microsoft 365 Roadmap Microsoft has included a small entry that is called the GuidedSwitchEnabled policy. The entry doesn’t say too much but it does lay out an interesting update for anybody who uses their computer for both work and personal web browsing.

Microsoft Edge will soon start assessing whether you are working or not

The new feature revolves around links. Basically, depending on the particular profiles you are currently surfing the web on, Microsoft Edge will prompt you to change to a different profile depending on the type of link you have clicked. For example, if you are working and you click on a link to a sports magazine or maybe try to find a recipe to cook for your dinner, Edge will prompt you to change over to your personal profile when you click the link.

The roadmap states that this new feature is in development and should roll out for general availability in June 2022. That is it though, there is no information about how Edge will no if a link relates to personal or professional browsing and doesn’t mention how Edge will know which profile is which. The only information we have is that the feature will be available soon.

This means if you use Edge as your work browser you may soon start receiving prompts whenever you click on certain types of links. Another thing you may be interested in if you use Edge for work is how to activate Microsoft Edge’s Super Duper Secure Mode.

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