Microsoft Edge is more popular than Google Chrome, well sort of…

Patrick Devaney


Google Chrome is the undisputed king of the web browsers and has been for years. Its dominance is so complete that for a while there, the only thing most people did on the Microsoft Edge or Safari browsers that shipped with their Windows PCs or Macs was download Chrome. This is still the case for many people, but it does look like Microsoft Edge is catching up and even overtaking Chrome for some demographics.

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In a recent survey, TechRadar asked 3,000 workers about their web browsing habits and the results were a little bit surprising. Microsoft Edge was the preferred choice for more Business users, pipping Chrome to the top spot, with the Google offering coming in second.

Microsoft Edge is more popular than Google Chrome, well sort of…

The survey, run in conjunction with Perimeter 81 showed that 37.7% of business users questioned used Microsoft Edge more than any other browser. For Chrome, 33.01% of the surveyed workers said they preferred using Google Chrome.

This means that, according to this survey at least, Microsoft Edge is a more popular web browser than Google Chrome for business use. Estimates put the business market at 4% of the overall web browser market.

This is n doubt good news for Microsoft but overall Edge is still a long way from catching up with Chrome. In fact, although Microsoft Edge has recently surpassed Mozilla Firefox to become the third most popular web browser on the market, it is still behind Safari, which seems to have a lot more success holding on to Apple users than Edge does holding onto Windows users.

It is difficult to see how Edge will catch Chrome too as, despite the many updates coming to Edge, Chrome always seems to stay one step ahead. To make a serious dent, the Microsoft Edge team are going to have to do something impressive or perhaps target a particular niche of users.

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