Microsoft Edge Canary teases quick access to Office apps

Russell Kidson


As all in-the-know users are aware, Microsoft has been actively testing various methods of implementing quick access to apps in its Microsoft Edge browser. The software giant’s latest attempt has now been spotted by the keen and penetrative eyes of Redditor u/Leopeva64-2. Nestled quite discreetly within the Canary build of Microsoft’s Chromium-based browser is a new Microsoft Office button. 

This new button isn’t activated by default in the latest Edge Canary build, which explains why it hasn’t made the news before. To access the new button, as well as numerous other buttons for other features Microsoft is testing within its Canary space, you’d have to head to Settings and then hit Appearance. You’ll then be presented with a list of additional buttons that you can toggle on or off at will.

Microsoft Edge Canary teases quick access to Office apps

These include options to share content, access the Games utility, create a Web capture, or provide feedback. Second from the bottom, however, is the exciting new addition, the Microsoft Office button, toggled off by default. Flipping the associated switch on the right-hand side of the screen makes the button visible in the feature-loaded quick access banner also containing your Edge search bar and navigation buttons. 

Even if you choose not to activate the new Microsoft Office button, the associated app is still accessible through the sideways-kebab menu, also known as an ellipsis menu. All you need to do is hit the ellipsis at the right-side edge of the quick access bar, head down to More tools, and then navigate down the list to Microsoft Office. Clicking on either this Microsoft Office shortcut or the revolutionary new quick access button opens up a sidebar on the right-hand side of the Microsoft Edge interface displaying your associated Microsoft Office Apps

Even though in its current state, clicking any of the options will take you to the Office productivity suite’s web platform variants, it’ll be interesting to see if the final build of Microsoft Edge will instead redirect you to the associated app. It is, however, pertinent to note that the entire Edge experience seems to be geared more toward web-based access to apps and platforms, and it’s certainly a much more integrated option to open the associated apps directly in Edge

Microsoft Edge, along with its Chromium-based cousin Google Chrome and their notable contemporary by Mozilla, is on the edge, excuse the pun, of an incredible revitalization of the browsing ecosystem they provide. All three are due to hit triple digits soon as they move from version 99 to 100. Some see a Y2K-level disaster looming for Microsoft Edge, others find room for further advancement. What are your thoughts?

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