This Microsoft Edge update will make it easier to work across multiple devices

Patrick Devaney


Working across multiple devices is something that we mostly take for granted these days. We all have smartphones and most of us have at least one PC or Mac as well and maybe even a tablet too. That’s why we are using accounts more and more often leaning heavily on the cloud. We want what we do to be available wherever we want to do it. It is in this vein that Microsoft is working on an interesting productivity tool for its Edge browser. Let’s dive in a little deeper…

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In the Microsoft Edge Canary channel, where the software giant discusses all new features that are being tested, a new feature called “Drop” has surfaced. It looks like Drop is trying to solve one of the trickier multi-device workflow problems, how to take files or just bits of text with you from one device to the next without having to go through the trouble of uploading them to your cloud storage account and then downloading them again on the other device.

This Microsoft Edge update will make it easier to work across multiple devices

The idea behind the Drop feature is that you can simply drag and drop any files you want to take with you onto Edge and then they’ll be waiting for you there when you get back to work on the other device.

In the current test version on the Canary channel, Drop works via a dedicated side panel, which is a little similar to History, for example. You select the Drop icon and then the panel opens up and you can drop your files onto it. The feature also works for text notes, meaning, theoretically at least, you can copy text from one device over to the other using the feature. Another thing to note is that it looks like the feature is linked to your OneDrive account, meaning you will need available space in your OneDrive to make it work.

As this feature is still under development, we can’t give you an idea about when it will roll out to all users, but we can promise to keep you updated as soon as we learn more. In the meantime, if this sounds like an interesting feature you may be interested to hear that Telegram’s Saved Messages Feature works in a similar way and is already available on the app.

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