Microsoft To Discontinue Support For Internet Explorer

Shaun M Jooste


Say Farewell to Internet Explorer on Windows 10 in 2022

Ever since Microsoft Edge has appeared on Windows devices, we’ve seen a significant movement towards it becoming the brand’s preferred browser. It’s faster and more reliable than Internet Explorer, and the company has stopped adding new features for a while now. So, it’s with no surprise to see Microsoft announce that it’s retiring IE.

Its funeral on Windows 10 is set for June 15, 2022, but you may still see it on your device after that. The program will still exist; you just won’t receive any further support. Microsoft has also indicated that there will be exceptions, such as desktop applications for Server Internet Explorer 11 and Windows 10 LTSC.

Microsoft To Discontinue Support For Internet Explorer

You’ll also be able to switch to Internet Explorer mode in Microsoft Edge, so it’s not going away altogether. Some of the reasons mentioned for this action are its outdated performance, compatibility issues with legacy websites, and focusing on delivering an exceptional product with ME. All of the functions you enjoyed with IE will still be available in ME, so the cross-over will be easy.

Of course, you’ll need to fiddle with all your privacy settings in the new browser. There are also plenty of new tools you can take advantage of, so you’ll have a better experience. We’ll keep an eye on any more information from Microsoft regarding the end of Internet Explorer.

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