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A Free Web Browser That Accepts Extensions

Microsoft Edge is a Chromium-based free web browser that allows you to surf the Internet, save favorites, and use online apps. It is a new web browser to replace its predecessor Internet Explorer (IE). You may add extensions to this web browser.

Better constructed than its predecessor

Microsoft Edge is not as customizable as IE, so you have less control over how you use it, but it is faster to activate, which means the app starts quicker and tabs open sooner. It is also better equipped to handle multiple open pages and tabs, which is especially handy if your computer or web apps open tabs, windows and/or open PDFs with a web browser. Microsoft Edge is also able to handle JavaScript, HTML5, and modern websites such as dynamic websites and responsive websites. It also handles streaming very well.

Has its own set of problems

Microsoft Edge has several problems, but the biggest is how the web browser tries to sell to you. Its default settings means that new tabs open to the MSN pages, which are all very left leaning and full of adverts, and the “Top Sites” feature will only save four of the websites you enter into it, and will replace the other four panels with whichever company is paying the most affiliate fees. It is better set up to handle modern websites than its predecessor Internet Explorer (IE), but it isn't as customizable as its predecessor, which means you will have to endure whatever advertizing they force upon you.


  • Page activation and browser activation is quicker than IE
  • Easily handles modern websites
  • Has a function for adding websites to your taskbar
  • Less likely to crash than IE


  • The “Top Sites” suggestion feature changes your entries
  • Not as customizable as its predecessor Internet Explorer
  • Activate quickly, but doesn't load as quickly as it claims
  • Forces adverts upon you when you open new tabs

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Microsoft Edge


Microsoft Edge for Android

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