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Making its Way for Mac

Microsoft Edge is a Chromium-based web browser also made for MacOS. It received improvements compared from its predecessor Internet Explorer. The browser features better performance and enhanced security. It keeps users safe and productive when browsing online with desktops or laptops.

From Microsoft Exclusive to Inclusive 

Microsoft has released Edge Chromium browser with Canary and Dev builds for Windows in April 2019. A Mac version of Microsoft Edge was also teased during Microsoft’s Build 2019 developer conference. Mac users can finally try both of the Chromium-based Canary and Dev builds at the convenience of their Mac computers.

Mac Friendly Features

Microsoft Edge is built to support every Mac keyboard shortcuts. Users can intuitively use commands as if it’s a Mac-dedicated software. The browser has unique button placements to be consistent with the interface of Mac OS. It is also compatible with the Touch Bar of every Mac computer. The Touch Bar includes media control sliders, along with the ability to switch between tabs via Touch Bar. The browser’s tab has rounded corners similar with Mac applications while keeping the basic user interface. Users are ensured that they are kept safe thanks to the new privacy controls. They can also access the Collections feature for saving online media contents and sharing them for contacts.

Known Functionalities

Microsoft Edge is known for its intuitive tools. Mac users are ensured that their laptop has better battery life while surfing online. All open tabs can be arranged, grouped, previewed and saved. The Hub feature has also been imported from the browser’s original version. It displays activities like saved websites, browsing history and recent downloads. Documents like PDF, online books and webpages can be managed in this browser. It allows actions like phrasing sentences, researching words, syncing digital books, editing PDFs, and printing webpages. The Learning Tool is used for studying proper word pronunciation. Any high-quality online media contents coming from new technologies are also supported.

Joining with the Microsoft Bandwagon

The decision of Microsoft to allow Microsoft Edge on Mac computers is quite surprising and pleasing. Mac users can finally try the features of Microsoft Edge without using any emulators. Being an exclusive browser is a thing of the past.


  • Supports Mac keyboard shortcuts and Touch Bar
  • Mac OS button placements
  • Privacy controls
  • Hub and Learning Tool features


  • The URL bar is kept hidden
  • May run slowly
  • The tab feels unintuitive
  • Updates could be behind from the Windows version

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Microsoft Edge


Microsoft Edge 80.0.361.109 for Mac

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