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  • Is Microsoft Edge really faster than the rest?

    No it is not, it is about the same as Firefox and Chrome. Every web browser says it is the fastest, and each claims to have the studies and the figure to back up their claim. The truth is that some websites will work faster with one web browser over another, but Edge doesn't have an edge that Chrome or Firefox don't.
  • Can I save Microsoft Edge page links on my desktop?

    You can create web page shortcuts on your desktop, but Microsoft seems to have made it difficult. Copy the browser URL, and click on your desktop with a right click. When the menu appears, click “New", and left click "Shortcut." Paste the URL into the box and click Next, name the shortcut in the box, and then click "Finish." This creates a link on your desktop, and if Edge is your default web browser, then the link will open up in Edge.
  • How do I delete my browsing history?

    Click “. . .” and then click the button that says, “Choose what to clear.” Choose the things you wish to clear and click the “Clear” button.
  • Can I import my favourites from IE?

    Click “. . .” and then click the link that says, “Favourites.” Click the option link under favourites that says, “Settings.” Click the button that says, “Import from another browser.” Pick your web browser, start the import, and your favourites will be moved from IE to Edge.
  • Should I stop using IE completely if I now have Microsoft Edge?

    No you should not and you shouldn't try to uninstall IE either. There are some websites, some web tools and some pieces of software (apps) that still rely on Microsoft IE.
  • How do I get out of an infinite popup loop?

    Popup loops are still a big flaw with Edge because malware spreaders and advertisers are still able to manipulate the system so that users cannot get out of the popup loop. The only way to stop the trouble is to close your Edge browser using your app manger via CTRL+ALT+DELETE. Stop Edge from working, and clear its history via your computer control panel, with a third party app such as CCLeaner, or manually. This will stop the problem recurring when your Edge web browser tries to reopen your old web pages when you restart Edge.
  • Why is the text too small on Microsoft Edge?

    Simply hold CTRL and press the + or – key to zoom in or out. If you want to set your zoom level back to the default level, then hold CRTL and press the numeric 0 button.
  • How do I block adverts on Edge?

    Microsoft Edge is terrible at blocking adverts, which isn't normally a deal breaker, but some popup adverts will not go away and some contain malware downloads that you simply cannot avoid if you use Edge. One solution is to click “. . .” and then click “Extensions.” Browse the extensions for suitable advert blocking functions.
  • How do I save web pages with Microsoft Edge?

    It is still viciously difficult to save web pages with Edge. One partial method is to click on the small pen-and-paper icon symbol at the top right of the screen and save what you can. There are web browser extensions that allow you to save page. Plus, there are third-party tools that allow you to save web pages with Microsoft Edge. Frankly, it is often easier to use IE and save with that instead.
  • Why did the last Microsoft update create more problems than it solved on Edge?

    Microsoft Edge is still a work in progress, which is why some updates are a little hit and miss. In many cases, the most annoying things about Edge slowly disappear with each update, but some changes are slower to arrive than others.


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